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Ali Zuur-Arnerich

Nevada City, CA

Massage Therapy and Functional Nutrition

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Massage Therapy 

Functional Nutrition 

“I have been a SUPER satisfied client of Ali’s for over 3 years! Ali has a magic touch and takes all the worries of the world away while you are enjoying her peaceful setting amongst the pines of Nevada City. You will never regret making that first appointment as it will be one of many!!!” - Fran T, Grass Valley
I spent years trying to figure out what was going on with my gut. The medical industry really didn’t have much to say about diet as a way to achieve intestinal health, which was a big surprise to me seeing how all my issues were coming from the foods I was eating. Ali helped me find an equilibrium so that I could begin healing process. The protocol that she put together was exactly what I needed to use in tandem with my medical treatment. After 5 years of very ill health, I am now THRIVING! I do not believe that this could have happened without Ali’s help. -Roxanne P, Grass Valley

I am either sitting at a desk on my computer or lugging around heavy files. The toll it takes on my shoulders and neck is immense. The relief I experience once a month after an hour with Ali is worth more than I can say. In fact, I bring my son to Ali since he is wheelchair bound. Ali is sensitive to his disability and knowledgeable of how to release the tension in legs, back and arms. He is able to completely relax. We sometimes tease about stealing the other’s appointment to see Ali! I highly recommend her.-
Kathy L, Grass Valley