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60 Minute Massage 

60 mins/ $75.00


One hour is the perfect amount of time if you are looking for general relaxation and a quick touch on everything. Or, if you are not looking for a full body treatment, but specific focused work on one area.


This is the most popular length of massage as it allows for specific focused work on your area of need with time left to work the entire body.

90 Minute Massage 

90 mins/ $100


The two hour massage is, well, pretty awesome! Plenty of time for multiple areas of focused work, full body relaxation with no area feeling left out.

120 Minute Massage 

120 mins/ $130


Bundle and Save

Pay for 2 treatments at one time and save $20

(2) 60 minute………$130

(2) 90 minute………$180

(2) 120 Minute…….$240


Your mind is clear and your body is relaxed. An occasional massage leaves you feeling great, but regular massage can do so much more. 

Using a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Integrative Stretching, I create a massage customized to your individual needs. The benefits of massage increase when received consistently, so I do offer a bundle discount to encourage you to come in on a regular basis. Many of my clients who are on an every other week schedule notice the added benefits when sticking to a routine. This allows our healing relationship to grow deeper in trust and connection. I believe consistency is more important than frequency and I am happy to work with you to see what timing works best for your needs. 

For the Mama’s to be, I also hold advanced training in Pre-natal massage which has proven benefits for you and your baby! 


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